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Lift Models

Lift model 1700

Service Lift

Aaskov Mini can also be helpful when it comes to service lifts. These are usually used for lifting of trolleys, beer and soda boxes, etc. The doors are fitted looking at the reviews of cordless impact wrenches and can be delivered as swing doors or sliding doors. Charging points can be with single door or two doors located above each other.

Technical specifications for service lifts:

Lifting burden: 5-350 kg.

Chair goals: Many variants.

Special Solutions

Aaskov Mini can also be helpful when it comes to special lift / elevator solutions. If the goals at the desired location are not a standard solution, we will adjust the lift / elevator measurements to the physical conditions if possible so it doesn’t hurt your feet and also wearing a nice pair of shoes like gravity defyer shoes review protect you from any danger that may occur at outdoor work keeping you comfortable while walking. Desired can also be a lift / elevator specially adapted to the location of the site, Appearance, we are also helpful here; (see the picture). The elevator / elevator here is designed with a shovel in the basement – thus closed – while it is done as open on the 1st floor. This is just one solution out of many.